Monday, March 19, 2007


It's been a while since my last post. We had a nice holiday season and right after that a busy time started. In mid January I got a request for 2 designs of women's socks from Avalon Books (a publisher in UK). It was a work of very short notice - it had to be done in just 1 week. I was pulling a lot of mid-nighters - going to sleep 2 or 3 AM. I managed to finish it a few days before the due date. Though, it took about 5 days to get it to London, so I was cutting it really close to add some stress into my life. But I am quite excited about the book that the patterns will be featured in, "Stitch Style: Socks" - coming out in Fall 2007.

Further, in February I had worked on 2 summer tops, which will be featured in Knitter's Magazine in Summer 2007. It was really nice to work with another knitting magazine and see how things are done differently from what I had been used to with SoHo Publishing Co. (they publish Vogue Knitting, Knit.1, Knit Simple and other mags). In late February I found out that the deadline for another 2 desings I was making for fall 2007 Knit Simple magazine was pushed by 2 weeks!! So I had incorporated a little stress factor into our lives. But everything worked out fine. It always has to.

These first 2 weeks in March I was working on the desings for Knit Simple and I just sent those in on Thursday. Meantime, design of "Lost and Found" A-line skirt for croquet is featured in the Spring 2007 issue of Knit.1. You can see it here. You can see it under Club Kids section on top; if you don't see it click few times on "Fashion Preview" and the pictures change.

Meantime, I have received an e-mail from Woolwinders - a great yarn store in my neighbourhood, that the owner is looking for knitters/designers. So I replied, and now I am creating a new line of knitwear for kids called "Time 4 Style Kids" - designs for boys and girls of often negleted age group 6-12 year-olds. I am desinging the knitwear exclusively for her store, (you can read all about it here) so you can go and check the designs there - yes, they are there for you to see before you start knitting. Of course, you can buy the designs right in her store, Woolwinders, or you can purchase them in my on-line store

Here is the first design for girls (sized for 8 - 12/14) called "Pinks - Spring Top" with matching purse/bag "Pinks - Diamond Spring Bag." The top is worked in a round on circular needles without any sewing involved. The only finishing is weaving the loose ends of yarn.

The matching bag is also worked in a round, so there is no sewing involved except for weaving in 2 ends. The front is worked in "Diamond" lace pattern and the back is a simple 4-st cable worked throughout.

Now I am working on a desing for boys, so check in to see what we'll knit up.

So that's all for right now.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a comment! If you have question about a pattern or anything at all.