Friday, June 29, 2012

Unexpected Afghans: Veledílo Cable Afghan

Unexpected Afghans: Innovative Crochet Designs with Traditional Techniques is a collection of 29 innovative and lively interpretations of crochet afghans. The book is divided into 5 chapters: Cables, Granny Motifs, Color, Lace, and Tunisian. I am in awe how many different afghans with a fresh and modern twist are presented in this collection.

I feel privileged to have one of my crochet afghan designs, the Veledílo Cable Afghan, included in this book. The inspiration for the this afghan was a knitted cabled pillow. I had used a double cable forming diamonds inclosed by a braid on each side laid against textured background of a basket-weave stitch. Robyn Chachula, the author of the book, has named this afghan "Veledílo" [vah-lah-dee-loh] that is a Czech word for "masterpiece". I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that name. Thank you Robyn.

There are so many beautiful designs that it is hard to pick my favorites. So here only are few of my favorites:

What are your favorites? Leave me a comment here on site about which is your favorite afghan(s) in this book. From all the entries posted by July 6, 2012, midnight EST, I will randomly choose one person to win a free e-copy of Unexpected Afghans.

P.S. And you don't have to pick my afghan as one of your favorites in order to win. :)

Hatsukoi Pillow by Robyn Chachula
Dots and Poppies Baby Blanket by Linda Permann
Damask Afghan by Mrlaina "Marly" Bird
Starburst Entrelac Afghan by Megan Granholm

This weekend, there is a Weekend of Celebration for theUnexpected Afghans book. To increase your chances of winning this e-book, go and visit sites of other designers participating in this celebration:

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Good luck and happy crocheting!

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Gardening Adventures

Last weekend, I had gotten an opportunity to finally finish my front yard "garden" and I am really happy about it. In fall we had removed some bushes in front of our house, which I did not like for a while and some had just plain were not doing well. So we removed them but did not plant anything there yet.

As it turned out, the long weekend was the perfect time to plant new flowers and bushes. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and in the evening we got heavy showers, and following couple days it had been hot during the day and rained at night. Perfect, perfect timing for the plants. What was not the smartest thing for me to do was to work without gloves. By using tools without gloves I worked up a blister in palm of my hand and ripped my skin open; and that has been hurting me for a few days now (not good for knitting :)). The planting also took much longer than I thought, so I burnt in the midday sun. But hey, it was worth it. Look at it.

What are your gardening adventures?

And here is my gardening pride in pots on my deck. I have planted and replanted some flowers about a month ago, and now I get to enjoy all the colorful blooms. Now I love spending time here in the mornings and evenings.