Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back from the Czech Republic

A few days ago, I have finally arrived from the trip to the Czech Republic. It was nice, as always, and this summer in particular I have done more traveling than ever before. I had spent some fun times with friends and family; but now when the summer is almost over and the school has started, I am glad I am finally getting back to my regular schedule of routines and work. And that's a good thing since I have quite a bit of work lined up in front of me for the upcoming season.

I have 2 big projects I am working on at the moment. One is due at the end of September and the another, even larger one, is due at end of November. I'm very excited about both of them and you will learn more later in the upcoming months.

Moreover, if you are following the knit and crochet world a bit closer, you might already know that I've had several new patterns come out already for this Fall in couple of magazines, books and with some of my favorite yarn companies. I will also share those with you as I settle in and get a bit more organized here....  :)

As I mentioned my travels, I had seen some beautiful places in my native country of the Czech Republic, and I also visited Slovakia, Hungary and Austria with my family and some good friends of mine. I have pictures to share; again I will need to get organized first.

So lots to do... I'd better get started!

Here's just a peek... my view from the balcony I got to enjoy almost every day.