Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Arrived to Czech

I had arrived with the girls to Czech last week. The travel is always tiring, but we know what to expect - the tiredness really is the hardest thing when coming here. The packing of our suitcases, though, is much worse. But now we are happily here; time-wise converted to local time and enjoying nice "cool" 70 - 80 degree F summer weather with zero humidity.  :)

This is us waiting at the Vienna airport for the bus to Czech. The girls are doing remarkably good after two plane changes and 1 - 2 hour night sleep (It's 3:30 am of Eastern time!).

This past week I had
  • been spending my time with my kids, my Mom, my sister and my sister's three boys. 
  • experienced quite a noise being around 6 kids nearly 24/7 
  • had already hosted couple sleepovers!
  • hosted a small birthday party for my 2 nephews with my Mom. 
  • made a cake, had to improvise because the ingredients I use in the US are not available here.
  • to take cold showers for 2 days!
  • to have a water-heater repaired.
  • to do without Internet connection
  • sent a book contribution submission after deadline (!)