Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Victorian Lace Hat

So I have finally taken a foto of the hat that matches the scarf in my last post and I had put it up for sale in my shop. Here is the foto:

Today I have been working up some more swatches for my submissions and it's shaping up good.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hectic Time

It is a hectic time of a year. There are so many happenings squeezed into few weeks before Christmas.

First, today was my youngest daughter's birthday! She turned 3, but she tells everyone that she is 4 - I don't know why. Today we had gone to doctors for annual check-up and she is off the chart for her height - 110%! So maybe she feels so tall, she thinks that she's 4. Anyways. We celebrated her birthday yesterday because today her Daddy's travelling and we had few activities with the two older ones.

As for work, I had been really good today and made a few sketches to submit. Now when I know what I want to work on I can do some swatching. Though, I noticed that many deadlines for submissions were this week, so I'll see if it will be OK to submit for next issues.

Last week I finished a Victorian Lace Scarf and Hat set. It was suppose to be a present for our annual Christmas Book Club present swap, but my Hubby was travelling that day and I could not get babysitter, so I could not go. So I am thinking I will put it up on Etsy to sell. There also the pattern will be available within few days.

Last weekend we finally decorated the Christmas tree. The kids enjoyed doing it; and they even remembered the decorations from last year. Well, they are growing older and life changes a little when we do not have any more babies any more. Here is our favorite picture:

Last week, I got some presents from my Wish list for Santa (of course knitting books)

(1) Twist and Loop by Annie Modesitt. It's a great book for beginners of easy to follow instructions for making jewelry with crochet and knitting wire and beads. I had wanted to try this for the longest time. Her instructions are very straight forward and easy for beginners.

(2) Vogue Knitting Stitchionary (Volume 1)

(3) Knitting Beyond the Edge by Nicky Epstein.

These are great resource books for knitters to have. Just listing through the pages gets my creativity going. It's only unfortunate that now I have to wait until Christmas to get to enjoy those books!

Well I am off to swatching...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Knit Simple magazine design

Now there is another design of mine published. You can see my newest design in Knit Simple Winter 2006/07 . It is the Fair Isle Scarf & Hat in the right hand corner - you can see it here.

Shop is finally working..

It's been a while since my last blog. I had been working on setting up my shop at; and finally I have 2 patterns up for sale. You can see them below.

As I said it’s been a busy week for me. I have started working on another Ski Hat for my eldest daughter, since I was short of the Bernat Glacier yarn for the Winter Earflaps Ski Hat as I mentioned in my last post. I had another great yarn I got in JoAnns “Sensations Angel Hair” - it is so soft and perfect for a girl’s hat. It is even easier to make than the Winter Earflaps Ski Hat pattern because it is worked only in St st. The pattern should be up for sale in the shop pretty soon, so check back.

I still do not have a name for this pattern, so if you have some good idea, please share it with me.

In these picture is my eldest daughter and you can see how goofy she acts when she poses for me. Do we ever have enough of goofy pictures of our kids?

Yesterday my family and I went to Mikulasska (St. Nikolas) Christmas party in McLean, VA. For those of you who do not know this tradition, it is a party for kids where Sv. Mikulas, Angle and Devil come to see the kids. The story behind is that the kids have to sing something, or say some poem to St Mikulas to get a treat. They are asked if they had been behaving the whole year, and if yes they can get the treat (some candy and fruit), and if they weren’t the Devil will put them into a sack and will take them away. You can only imagine that all the kids interestingly enough confess only to behaving well all year round!

Today I should have jumped onto making some Christmas cards (yes I make my own; even though I do not have time for it, but I like to do that for at least close friends and family) and send it out, so family and friends in Czech Republic would get them before the Holidays. But instead I was "playing" with my computer today putting a second pattern into my shop, so I guess I must do it tomorrow.

In the morning I volunteer at our school at Holiday Gift shop, so maybe I can do it afterwards.

And lastly here are the patterns available for sale:

(1) It is the Winter Earflaps Ski Hat:

And then it is the Reversible Hat and Scarf set I made for my husband. It is quite versatile depending on which colors you choose to use.

It's time to make the dinner, so I will check in soon.