Saturday, May 5, 2007

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

So today I went to the Fair for the first time. It was amazing: I've seen so much yarn like never before; but by the afternoon my head was spinning. I wanted to buy so many yarns, but I had to contain myself and keep myself focused on what I like to make from that particular yarn and had to consider the colors that will look good (in my opinion) on me .

First stop I made and actually purchase something was the Tess Designer Yarns. Here is what her booth looked liked.

She had such a luscious, soft, yummy yarn that I just wanted every color she had. I enjoy knitting with yarns consisting mainly of one color and she had it all. I had hard time to pick only one yarn, so I said to myself to pick something very unusual. And that was the Microfiber Ribbon. Here it is:

My next purchase was Blue Heron Yarns Rayon Metallic (and again I followed the rule of picking something unusual, something I have not seen before) - 550 yrds and needles #7 to knit it won me over. Here it is:

Then I took a break from buying and looked around and went to check the animals. At that point I wished I had my kids with me; they would have enjoyed seeing the animals. Next year , the only way I could take the kids with me is if I took hubby with me as well. Here are a few more pictures.

While in the Main Building, I bought some cotton yarn for my daughter in her favorite color RED.

Before I left, I came across Brooks Farm booth and again was in awe. I love their yarn and picked Macero - supposedly a new yarn @ 550 yrds and I am guessing #7 needles. This size is my favorite because the garment is still very pliable and "thin", but it still knits up quite fast. Here it is:

Can you tell I really like this one?

Lastly, I bought Vulcan's Rest Fibers Prime Alpaca 100% Super Fine - 1/2 lb and 666 yrds @ $21.50. I could not resist.

Going to the Festival was great. I got great yarn- can't wait to start knitting. The only bad thing was that I walked for hours and my feet were killing me. I was really tired when I got home but it was all worth it.

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You got some great stuff!