Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Successful Day

Today, well I guess technically yesterday because it's after midnight already!, I had a late start. But I managed to go to the gym and get on treadmill for 5o mins. Though, I had to walk for 2 - 3 min every 10 mins because my fitness level went down after not running almost for a year. I had been using the elliptical machine (our treadmill at home has not been working properly) for the past year; thus being able to watch TV or read a book!!! But now when the time is coming to go to the Czech Republic and where I do not have easy acess to a gym, I am forced to run outside for cardio. So I am trying to train for that because once I hit the road, I cannot hop off of it like on a treadmill if I get tired. So there it is. I have 3 weeks to train.

SO when I was at it being ambitious and all, I vacuumed and cleaned the floors and kitchen when I got home. I don't enjoy doing this because it gets messy really fast and you cannot see the results for long, but I enjoy clean house. So there it is.

Finally, I have completed the application for TNNA I had been trying to complete for the past week. (I do not like filling out paperwork.) Put all my letters, applications and my Published Design Portfolio together, and it's ready to be sent off tomorrow.

Finally, I have finished re-writing my newest pattern for the Brooks Farm Yarn Top (I have to give it some better name!). Now I just have to check all the measurements and formatted so it's presentable and clear. Magalie, I got your message and once it's ready I'll e-mail it to you. Thank you.

If anyone else (one more person) is interested in getting this pattern for free and in exchange get me a feedback on the pattern, please let me know. See post below.

And now I am finally off to bed.

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