Thursday, November 8, 2007

You Learn Something Every Day

Couple of days ago I had started knitting Stefanie Japel's Forecast I have seen on I loved the fact that she designs her sweaters and cardigans from top down to minimize sewing. I'd like to knit a few top-down garments to be able to design a few of my ideas that way. I think it is a great technique; the only drawback I noticed is that you can design sweaters with yokes or with raglan sleeves only(at least from what I have seen so far).

I have seen Eiknit's (her screen name on Ravelry) Forecast and she had a very interesting tip she found on the net. Here is the link for it. The lady works bobbles without turning her work to purl the bobble. She works the bobble as to work an I-cord by sliding just knitted stitches on left needle and knitting them again. Again, you can see the tutorial here. I have tried to knit the bobbles that way on this garment and I like it very much: It is easier to make the bobble.

I have been making a little bit of progress on the Forecast and I am hoping to post some pics tomorrow. It is nice to knit something that already has a pattern; this way I can just grab my bag and make it on the go.

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