Monday, June 16, 2008

Leaving for the Czech Republic

Maybe some of you noticed that I have not been posting much in the past month. This was mainly due to the fact that I had many projects I had been working on and was trying to finish for 2 different publications before I was leaving for summer for the Czech Republic. I thought that I would manage to finish everything before I go, but it did not happen. Two of the projects I finished and sent off - some you could have possibly seen in TNNA as I was told they were there on display. But I still have 2 project I am taking with me because some of the yarn was not available for delivery in time for me to finish it, so I will be working on them in Europe.

Mission Falls DK Wool Booklet

I have been working on a new booklet for Mission Falls Yarns using their new DK Wool yarn. I feel privileged to work on this booklet together with Stefanie Japel and Galina Carroll. I love working with this yarn: it is a pleasure to work with because it is so soft and becomes even softer after washing. I did not know it was possible to have a wool so soft. If that was not enough, the colors are just amazing!

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