Friday, June 25, 2010

So little time

Past couple of weeks had been really hectic. Ever since I got back from TNNA, I've been going nonstop.  I have many things I am trying to finish before I go to the Czech Republic for the summer and the days do not seem to have enough hours in day.

1.  There are several submissions I want to send some proposals to but I am seriously running out of time. I have to prioritize and let some go.

2. I am finishing a class on-line. Tomorrow is the last class and over the weekend I am hoping to do the final, since I don't want to do it while traveling.

3. I need to pack; and I have not started yet at all!

4. I need to pick suitable yarns and stitch patterns for multiple design proposal to take with me to work on while in Czech.

5. I had been finishing  two projects for a holiday magazine. Luckily, they are ready to be sent off tomorrow. I was hoping to send it off today, but was unable to have it all done until evening.

Having my kids out of school for over a week now makes me to have a bit less time during the day. But they help me. My oldest daughter helped me rewind the new hanks of yarn I got at TNNA into balls today. By the time she was done, she was a pro. My six year old also wanted to try it, so she did some of the tiny yarn samples I had.

6. I have to finish proofreading of several patterns that had been tech edited.

Oh my, the list is growing. I better go to bed to get an early start tomorrow.  I have only three days.

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