Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TNNA 2010 - part 1

This TNNA was awesome! I hung out with old friends and made new ones. I had seen some yummy new yarn from veteran yarn companies, but also some wonderful new yarn companies.  I had seen new gadgets for the season. I had conducted some good networking and established new work relationships. Overall, it was a great, fun and productive weekend.

So much happened that I will need more than one post to report it all. Let me start with all the wonderful designers I met.  They always make the visit of TNNA market the most fun. So here we go.

I had met with Marlaina "Marly" Bird (Yarn Thing and Blog Radio) who I am always looking forward to seeing. She seems always happy and is extremely funny! She always hangs out with Kristin Omdahl who I met last TNNA. She is very talented and always stylishly dressed in her beautiful crochet creations. Kristin has a new book coming out Crochet so Fine that was revealed at the show.

My friend Faina Goberstein arrived on Sunday, so I did only have a day and half to spend with her. It's always a pleasure to be around her; we have always tons things to talk about. If you have not heard yet, Faina is running a very popular site Designer's Studio where you can read interviews of all the finest knit and crochet designers. Faina has  a great oversight of what's going on in the designing world and knows everyone!

I briefly talked with Stefanie Japel who arrived with her baby daughter Olive and her hubby. It was nice to see Mary Beth Temple.

I also met new designers whose work I had been admiring for long time. I met Ellen Gormley at Raverly's Ice Cream party that was held after the fashion show on Friday.

Saturday I met Linda Permann, who I also met for coffee and coke break on Monday. We talked all stuff designing and I clicked with her right away.

At the Stitch Cooperative party on Saturday I met Robyn Chachula - a crochet design genius. I had dinner with Dora Oherstein - a stylish crochet designer who runs an on-line crochet magazine Crochet Insider.

At the Designer's dinner at Buca di Peppo I met among others Amy Polcyn - we've known each other through e-mails a good while since we work on projects for Mission Falls together, but we never met before in person. I sat across a table not even knowing that it was her until we introduced ourselves. She looked much younger in person than I saw her on the Internet. Good for her.

By mere accident, Faina and I had bumped into Nancy Marchant, brioche stitch mastermind, in Einstein Bagels and ended up having a nice breakfast together. She has also a new coming out, Knitting Brioche - it's really cool.

The list can go on and on. I met Kate Oates, Allegra Wermuth, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Veronik Avery, Teva Durham, Anne Kuo Lukito, Ysolda Teague, and many, many others.

Next time, let's talk yarn.

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