Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Even though deadlines are fast approaching, this weekend was one I took a break from knitting and crocheting to spend time with my family. I really needed the break since this past couple of months had been little crazy. This is what we were up to.

My youngest daughter and I baked babovka, a Czech sweet bread. I used a recipe found in a magazine called Apetit, a magazine I bought in the Czech Republic a few years ago. The recipe we used is called Grandma's babovka (a type of bunt cake) and indeed it was the same as my Grandma used to make when I was little. We used to make it pretty much every Sunday, so I got some practice in this. To make this one takes several steps and it's rather time consuming; but it was worth the effort. It was sooo good.  I do not bake sweets very much these days because I can't stop eating them; but it was nice to share this experience with my daughter. 

Later in a day my daughters and I decorated eggs. We used bee's wax that we warmed up and pin head pinned into a pencil to draw designs on the eggs. It is an old Czech technique used mainly in South Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic. We used simple 2-color technique; but it can be done multicolored. I learned this technique when I was little at the folklore ensemble I belong to. Again, it felt really good to share these skills and techniques with my daughters and they really enjoyed the process and results.

 I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend. Happy spring!

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