Monday, February 13, 2012

Copacabana V-neck Top

Copacabana V-neck Top
I've been so incredibly busy... who isn't, right? Besides working on 3 rather large knitting projects, in addition to couple of tests I need to study for (and have not started yet!!?), plus a Czech & Slovak event I am helping to organize for our Slavic association for the next month, I've been also wanting to list a few of my patterns on my websites that I had been putting off on a back burner. To list a pattern up for sale is a bit more time consuming than the time I have available right now, but I just wanted to do it. Maybe I can commit myself to listing one every month? Hmmm. I'll try. :)


So here's the first one. Originally designed for Bijou Basin Ranch line for Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Copacabana V-neck Top was one of the two first designs I did for this awesome company. If you have not gotten a chance, check out their website for they have just released new yarns for Spring/Summer 2012.

This Copacabana V-neck Top makes me think of summer, sand and pretty beaches. Vertical stripes from a simple lace and cable pattern create the sought-after illusion of a slimming silhouette that flatters any figure.

Side detail

The nature of this lace and cable pattern makes contours curves beautifully without having to work waist shaping.

The piece is worked in Bijou Spun, Lhasa Wilderness yarn that makes this top very light weight, soft and luxurious. It can be worn casual, or paired with slacks for work, or worn with a wide belt and skirt for a night out. So jump in and create something that will give you lots of wear for years to come!

 You can get this pattern in my new on-line store on Craftsy.

Back detail

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