Saturday, July 6, 2013

TNNA Columbus 2013 Recap - DAY 3 & 4

Book Signing

Faina and I came to TNNA to introduce and promote our new book The Art of Seamless Knitting. We did a book signing in the Interweave booth on Sunday morning. They allocated one hour time frame for 50 books to be signed and in mere 25 minutes all the books were gone.

We got such a great feedback. It was so great to meet the shop owners. Many of them had stories to tell us on how some of their customers were waiting for this book to come in. It is very gratifying to hear such a positive response from knitters from all over the country after putting so much work into it.

At Interweave booth

After the signing, we finally got a chance to walk the floor for a bit. We looked at the new yarns and started to plan future projects.  Walking the show is always so inspiring. You also meet so many familiar faces. This show was busy, so we said hi to many people only in passing. But it was certainly so nice to chat with Anna Cohen and Jeanne Carver of Imperial Yarn, Carl Koop of Bijou Basin Ranch, Erika Knight, Robyn Chachula, Dora Oherstein, Stella and Alejandro Balian of Abuelita YarnsYsolda  here on her iconic red bicycle, Josh Bennett and oh so many others.


I also met a crochet designer Laurinda Reddig. I've heard stories about her new crochet technique way before meeting her. Keep your eyes peeled on her, you will be pleasantly surprised.

With Laurinda Reddig

In the evening after the show we met up with friends.

With Linda Permann and Faina. 
With Faina and Marly

It was really nice to talk to Martin Storey, a designer in Rowan Yarns. Besides him being a very talented designer, he is very thoughtful and such a nice person.

With Faina and Martin Storey

It wouldn't be a whole picture of a Columbus TNNA show without mentioning the North Market. Everyone at the show always talks about having to have Jeni's Splendid ice cream there. Milk and I are not best of friends so I cannot attest to that personally, but I love going there for the Taste of Belgium. Their buckwheat crepes are just unbelievable. You can order it as a breakfast meal with eggs and ham and vegetables. Mmmm, mmm, mmm soooo good. If you are ever in Columbus, you got to go there and try it.

Taste of Belgium


Laurinda Reddig said...

Awe shucks. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Fiana and get to spend some time getting to know you both. I wish I knitted more so I could the designs in your book. But I definitely want to get a copy for my Dad!

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