Sunday, October 21, 2007

Many things..

It's been a while from my last post.

First, my baby girl's surgery and recovery went great. She had no significant swelling, redness or bruising and it healed faster than the first time. She looks pretty and she tells me that she can see better than before.

Birthday party.
2 days after the surgery we had a birthday party for our second daughter. We invited several of our good friends and all had a great time. It was a nice, relaxing time, since we have not seen them all summer. And it was nice to have fun after the stressful anticipation of the surgery.

The following week I went to Baltimore (again) to see the Stitches East. This was my first time there and I did not know what to expect exactly. Since I did not take any of the classes, I only went to visit the Market. There were some great vendors - some of them I saw at the Sheep and Wool Festival. Unfortunately, I did not big budget to spend, though I got some bargains at WEBS booth. They had so much great stuff ( pictures tomorrow).

I have gotten 2 projects to work on for Vogue Knitting and that really has been occupying most of my "free" time in past couple weeks. I have gotten some great yarn for the projects - Conjoined Creations yarn (I have never seen this one before) and Blue Sky Alpacas - Alpaca & Silk (yummy yarn) - again pics tomorrow. Today I feel good and accomplished quite a bit - First project finished (just need to add a button). Second project - 1/3rd done. I am trying to finish it by Friday.

My husband have decided that today was the day to put some shelves up over our sofa. He bought 3 4-feet shelves in IKEA. It took him about an hour and the job was done - it has transformed our living room tremendously. Now we just need some big picture to hang next to it. We went to look for it yesterday, but we have not found anything suitable - if we liked something it did not have the right dimensions. Again pics tomorrow.

Last week I have gotten invitation to Ravelry- great place for knitters and designers to hold in one place all projects accomplished, WIP, UFO, patterns you want to work on in the future; you can keep track of all your stash and needle sizes and much more. I had been on it since last week and have lots of things to download. But for right now, I have to focus on finishing my projects on time and then I'll catch up there.

Off to bed. Pics tomorrow.

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