Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day Spent on Brownies Project

Yesterday we had gone to visit our Czech friends. We had great time and so did the kids. We came home quite late, so today we took it easy and hung around the house.

My kids go to Brownies troop and on their next try-out they are doing Stitching. So I have picked to volunteer this Try-It. I have bought some felt and we'll be working on making Brownies purses and heart pouches for whatever (bonbons, messages, etc.) . And me being a pattern writer, I have made step-by-step picture instructions of what we'll be doing. I hope this way it will be easier for the kids to know what to do; and if necessary they'll be able to finish it at home should we run out of time at our meeting. Below you can see the simple projects.

Today I have been also re-working some swatches for felted bag using Patons Classic Wool Merino. I have finished it on Friday, though when I was felting in in my washing machine, my neighbor came over and I got distracted and over felted it. Ugh! So I am doing it again because I feel this is going to look quite nice if done properly. The yarn knits up and felts quite nicely if fabric is knitted; though I tried another swatch that was crochet and that one did not felt so good. I think the crocheted article must take much longer to felt than knitted fabric.

Men's Socks
I am still working also on the men's socks; I have about 4 more inches to go. So hopefully it will done soon. I can't wait for my hubby to wear it. They should be pretty warm.

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