Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy New Year Everybody!

It's been a while since I wrote anything on my blog, so I want to take a moment and wish you all happy, healthy and productive new year 2008.

December flew by so quickly for me that I did not even notice that I have not blogged a bit. Many things happened work-wise that I will have to go bit by bit in the upcoming blogs. I've been designing and swatching as usual. I really enjoy this time when I am dreaming up stuff; on the other hand, I have so many ideas that I get overwhelmed sometimes and have to try to turn my mind off. I just do not have enough time to work on all my ideas. and that's what's probably overwhelming. Anyways.

Scarf with Hood
I'd like to share with you a new pattern, which is published in a new book Vogue Knitting on the Go: Cables: Mittens, Hats & Scarves. The pattern is for a Scarf with Hood. The pattern info is listed below.

Pattern Information

Hood measurements: 10 1/2” x 13 1/2
Scarf measurements: 8 1/2” x 60”

Needles: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran
10 skeins = 950.0 yards (868.7m)
Color: #1 oat

Gauge: 19 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in St st

This book is now available for purchase on here.

I loved working on this scarf. The yarn is so soft and yummy, you just want to cuddle in it. I have to make one for myself; it will definitely be used a lot in this time of a year. Below you can see the scarf from different angles. Unfortunately, in the book you can see only one pictures, so here you can get a closer look of how the scarf is made.

Man's Socks
've been working on a pair of socks for my husband. I am using the Regia sock yarn - the design line Kaffe Fassett. I really like how they are turning out. I knitted one just to see if it will be big enough for my husband, and it fitted well, so now I am working on the other one. I will not post any pictures yet, since I am deciding if I should submit the pattern to I will know once I am finished if I do it or not. I have to say that I really like working with this yarn; I am using US #1 size needles and despite the small size, the socks are coming along rather quick.

Girls Shrug
My daughter have been begging me to knit her a long sleeve shrug for over a year, and I never seemed to find time to do that. So at the begging of December I have made her one. I have also started working on the pattern, though, I have not finished it yet. I am trying to make it again in a wide range of sizes. I have to look for the pictures, I will post them in my upcoming blogs.

In past few months I had been brainstorming new ideas for garment designs, and some of the ideas that came to my mind where hard to be completed as knitted projects. So I have been brushing up on my crochet skills - and truth be told - I am learning tons of new tricks and stitches, and it's opening totally a new world to me. I had gotten myself a few crochet stitch books for Christmas, ye! I like listing through them because I get quite inspired. Right now I have finished a new pattern for a publication; and I am very pleased how it turned out. I hope they like it too.

Anyways, it's nice to be back. I have also skipped on my KNIT TIPS. I have to say that I am running low on ideas for the tips. So if you have any problem with your knitting, let me know, I will try to answer it and possibly turn in into a TIP.

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