Friday, February 8, 2008

Bell Sleeve Shrug #3

Yes, I have just finished another Bell Sleeve Shrug! So now each of my girls have one of their own. They really like to wear them a lot, even though my girl in this pictures was not in the mood of taking pictures, can you tell? This time I used different yarn yet again. See the info below.

Bell Sleeve Shrug #3
Bell Sleeve Shrug
Size: 8 yrs (she's 7 yrs old)
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft - 1 ball!
Needles: Us #8 (5 mm)

Couple of days ago I have sent a few proposal to a mag publisher for summer issue. I love the swatching and sketching and designing part, but I always dread doing the administrative part of it: the actual scanning of everything into the computer, filing and making comprehensive proposals themselves, printing, packaging - in short, the office work. So I am always happy when that's done; and now I can hope that they like one or two of the designs.

I have finished all three shrugs for my girls. I have also finished the Men's Ladder socks - though I have not finished writing the pattern yet. I am still debating if I should send it to Knitty or not. I am itching to post the pictures and put the pattern on Etsy. I'll see what kind of pictures we can take of it because, honestly, I think you have to have awesome pictures (plus of course a great pattern to go with it) in order to be considered for being published in Knitty. But there's still time, I think the due date for submission is March or so. I should check it out, just to make sure not to miss the deadline.

Teriokhin Cape Jacket
Now I have started working on my next project for me. I really like a few designs in the new Vogue Knitting magazine. I chose to work on the Cape Collar Jacket (#16) by Vladimir Teriokhin. I love the silhouette and the style of the design. I like the collar on the model; but not for me, so I will modify it to make it not so wide, more traditional width. I am about 20% through the project and it's coming along rather quick, since I am actually following a written pattern! So this is a fun and pleasure knitting for me. I am using different yarn; I bought Bernat Soy Natural Blend. I love the drape of it. I am using US #8 (5 mm) needles and I am getting the same 19 st per 4" gauge as they are with #4 needles. I guess the yarn they used in the sample must be very soft, fluffy yarn, since it's also medium weight yarn; or the sample knitter knits very loosely. At left you can see some pictures of the jacket in progress.


Heather said...

It looks great! Mine is going well! I am about to start the sleeves and I am thinking it should be done tomorrow. I will email you pics when it gets done. Thanks again for letting me help out!

Evnpar said...

help help help - i'm doing the #16 VK cape collar jacket too - i found like 1000 errors so far and so i'm stuck...I figured out the back...but now i'm on the front and its just not right - did you have problems? how have you fixed them - VK is giving me their standard "we dont care about you- we just need to publish" response...