Sunday, February 24, 2008

My daughter's AG skirt

This is my middle daughter's first real project - a skirt for her American Girl doll. She learned on this piece how to purl! Since her tension is not yet always the same, that created a nice element to her skirt where some of the sts are longer thus giving a feel of a lace panel in the skirt. I was very proud of her. She is a quite a fast knitter; she made it in a matter of a few hours on Friday. Our schools were closed because of bad weather; and she did not waste her time and made her doll a nice piece of a wardrobe. Later she styled her doll into a swim wear and found herself a piece of fabric she knitted last weekend and used it for a towel. She is my little fashion stylist.

Project info:
For the skirt she used US #8 (5.00mm) needles and Bernat Soy Natural Blend yarn.

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