Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long Vest (VK S/S 2008) Details

OK, so I finally got my Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting. I have noticed that the details of my Long Vest (#6) are not very easily seen. This is unfortunately by the nature and color of the yarn. When I took my pictures at first with flash to portray the true color of the vest, I could not see the detailing either. Then I turned the flash off, and the detail became visible and those are the picturess you can see here; though, the color appears more as a plum brown. The color in reality is just like you can see in the magazine.

The yarn used in this sample is Conjoined Creations Dance Party.
The retailers in your area carrying this yarn are listed here. I would recommend using this yarn. Please make a swatch. Measure your gauge before you wet block it; then measure your gauge after you wet block it. This yarn stretched about 30% lengthwise for me. After checking your after-blocking gauge, use the row gauge for measuring the lengths given in the pattern. E.g. if you after-blocking your gauge is 4.5 rows per 1" (2.5 cm), and the pattern says work until piece measures 7 3/4", it would mean you knit until you have worked 7.75*4.5 rows = 34 rows. This might not measure the 7 3/4" at the time of knitting; but it will once you wet-block it.


Thea said...

congrats! both patterns are gorgeous.. I see a long vest in my future soon.

Beth said...

This is so pretty! The photo in the magazine doesn't show the stitch pattern very well. Seeing your photos makes me want to make the vest even more. Thanks for sharing!