Monday, December 7, 2009

Video Decoding

I have spent about 60% of my weekend (!?!) trying to learn how to convert video clips taken by my husband's camera into a format that my Windows Movie Maker would be able to download. It's a great software installed on my computer that I can use for editing clips made by my Sony camera; but it does not help if the format .mov cannot be downloaded to it from my husband's camera.

The problem I am having is that if I take video clips of close-up shots with my Sony camera, the images are rather out of focus. I had been trying to adjust the focus modes on it, but it does not seem to help. The best I am able to get is with automatic focus, but as I move my fingers and needles while knitting, the picture is coming in and out of focus; and that's very annoying.

So I tried to use my husband's camera for the close ups; and the problem was solved - I was getting sharp images. Though, now I am unable to upload these files to my "movie maker" software to edit it!! It's very frustrating.

I had been trying to download some other editing softwares from Internet to try if the .mov format would work with any of them. If you have some good suggestion, let me know. I hope that the output of the edited version will work with the site I am intending to use for the on-line classrooms. :)

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