Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sense of Accomplishment

Today I have finished all the projects, paperwork and shipped it off to publisher. Ye! Makes me feel real good when I accomplish something tangible. Unlike when I clean the house and 2 hours later you can't tell what you did all day. That's one of the reasons I love to knit. I can do it anywhere, anytime, and you can see it for long time what you have done.

Knitter's Choice for the Cover
Today I have looked on the Knitter's magazine website and they have up the 3 choices for the upcoming Summer 2007 issue cover. You can vote on which cover you think they are going to choose here. I feel honored that they chose one of my designs "Diamond Mesh" as a candidate!


Finally we got some nice weather and the kids are running outside. I love to sit back and just watch them play. Today we went to a new library which has 3 stories! We spent there some time in arts and crafts section. My oldest one chose some books on drawing and even now being outside where she could ride her bicycle, she is sitting down, brought her books and art supplies and is drawing. I suppose it is an outdoor activity as well. I should really pick myself from the computer and weed the front yard. There are some nasty weeds growing after all the rains and now warm weather.


So it is the time of a year when kids are finishing school and we are getting ready to visit our family in the Czech Republic. We are, again, going for the summer; and I am lucky enough to be able to go with the kids for couple of months. Being stay-at- home mom and free-lance designer make this possible. It is definitely good for the kids to keep up with the culture and improve their Czech language. Towards the end of the school year, the kids are inclined to use more of the English than Czech. It gives them opportunity to spend time with grandmas and cousins.

While in the library, I also picked a few books on landscaping because we have a tiny piece of yard which we would like to plant something onto that is hardy and does not require too much maintenance. I know how much work a garden can be. My grandma has a vegetable garden, flower beds and a fruit tree. The work in the garden never stops; though it is rewarding as well.


Connie said...

Hi Simona,
I also have some designs in this Knitter's (the Fitted Tank and Auburn Mist). I really like your project when I looked through the previews. My husband liked yours too :)


Thank you for your nice words. It feels good to get a feedback from readers and especially other designers as yourself. I liked your garments as well. When knitting and designing, I like when garments have a more contoured fit, just like yours are.